The algorithm of Dr Goodman decoded

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, bears the sobriquet of ‘Entertainment Capital of the World”. Although there are less than 100,000 residents in Hollywood, the area is at the centre of film and television production. It is a place of glamour and glitz where appearances are important. How a person looks and presents himself or herself is a make or break moment. One of the biggest sunrise services available in Hollywood are the smile doctors. The concentration of cosmetic dentists is the highest in the United States and if a census is done probably in the world.

To stand out among the competition is probably the toughest test for a Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist. The name of Dr Joseph Goodman is legendary in Hollywood. His client list is a who’s who of the tinsel world. Even sports stars are on his Rolodex. Politicians are discrete when they visit Dr Goodman. Such is his skill that his patients span every continent. There are visiting royalty from the Middle East and millionaires from China and Singapore. Suffice to say that he also treats mere mortals more than celebrities. has placed Dr Goodman at the top for several years. Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS Review portals have a very Alexa rating. (Alexa is a measuring metric that ranks web traffic via statistics and analytics – it gives grades based on the parameter). Dr Goodman’s credentials are impeccable. Trained in Germany (where he was also born) and honed his skills with experience in Europe he landed in the United States where he expanded his academic credentials with post-doctoral studies from UCLA. He has pioneered the use of porcelain veneers and is an acknowledged authority. A calm demeanour and film star visage do not undermine his holistic approach; could be one of the factors that make him appealing.



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