Dr. Joseph Goodman – A Pioneer in the Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Claimed by many to be the best dentists in Beverly Hills, Dr. Joseph Goodman is known as the creator of beautiful smiles. Adorned with the largest number of certifications, he has created a name for himself in performing cosmetic dental procedures in that area employing 100% hands-on approach to the treatment of dental disorders.

The work counts

All the Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews recommend him as one focused on finding solutions that fit the client. With a down-to-earth approach and well-trained staff, he has emerged as a local favourite capable of treating most complex and comprehensive cases ranging from a minor case of six veneers to twenty-eight veneers and crowns.

A coveted career

Obtaining his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the University of Aachen, highly esteemed in Europe, he started his exhaustive body of work at the same university in all aspects of dentistry. It included creating loveliest of smiles through the restoration of porcelains, i.e. veneers and crowns. He also received additional post-graduate education at USC and UCLA. Obtaining licenses in several European countries and the U.S. have made him an international dentist. He has also been lecturing internationally about cosmetic dentistry.

Popularising porcelain in dentistry

Dr Joseph Goodman popularised the use of porcelain veneers in 90’s when other dentists mostly rejected it due to the lack of adequate adhesion. Sticking tenaciously with his experiments, he brought before the world the immense potential of veneers in cosmetic dentistry. He uses most advanced restorative materials free of lead, mercury and BPA, which ensures the new crown files do not affect the health negatively.

Patients range from queens to commoners

His patients belong to all walks of life including dentists, physicians, beauty pageant contestants, T.V. anchors and celebrities from different fields aiming at beautifying their smiles or ensuring their dental health. His background in prosthodontics has enabled him to perform complex cases of partial or full mouth reconstruction placing porcelain veneers. He also has the credit to treat several crowned queens. Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews establish him as one of the top dentists in the U.S.

With the best education and an exemplary work done in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Joseph Goodman has emerged as one of the top Beverly Hill dentists, and the most popular choice of the local people.


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