Dr. Joseph Goodman – The expert for whom dentistry is an art

One of the leading dentists in Beverly Hills, Dr. Joseph Goodman has given beautiful smiles to numerous people. With his experiments in using porcelain in all kinds of restorations like crowns and veneers, Dr. Joseph Goodman has taken cosmetic dentistry a new height.

His Alma Mater

A graduate from a dental school at the University of Aachen, he began to work in the department of Prosthodontics. He received his post-graduate training at ULCA and USC. Prior to setting up his dental clinic in Beverly Hills in California, he worked in several countries in Europe. He possesses licenses in several European nations and takes frequent lecture tours around the world.

His sound skills

Dr Joseph Goodman DDS reviews throw light on the numerous certifications he has received and his hands on approach to treating the most complex and the most delicate cases. His patients come from all strata of society. There are dentists, celebrities, doctors, T.V. anchors and contestants of beauty pageants lining up to avail his services.

Revolutionising cosmetic dentistry

Among the first dentists in Germany to use porcelain in Cosmetic Dentistry in the 90’s, he has made the world realise the massive potential of veneers in this field. His colleagues, initially, termed his efforts to attain excellence in veneers impractical and unpredictable, till he proved they can last for more than 20 years once placed. After all, conviction bears fruit!

A versatile genius

As suggested by Dr Joseph Goodman DDS reviews, he can perform complicated cases of full mouth reconstruction and realise placements of porcelain veneers. He has also played the role of judge for several beauty pageants like Miss Newport Beach, Miss Beverly Hills etc. In addition, he has also featured in print as well as electronic media articles.


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