The smile genie brings out beautiful smiles

Dr. Joseph Goodman belongs to a generation of old world manners with modern day technology. This combination has made him one of the most reputed doctors practicing dentistry. His forte is creating beautiful smiles that befit the personality. He is not one-size-fits-all aficionado due to his greatest gift of lending a patient ear to his patients. Among other specialties, he is known for teeth whitening, dental implants, invisible braces and laser dentistry.

His credentials speak for themselves –

Graduated from the world renowned University of Aachen in Germany and additional post-doctoral degrees under the aegis of another excellent dental school in UCLA and USC.Dr. Joseph Goodman honed his natural skills into a fine art having worked in several Departments of Prosthodontics. This experience in restorative dentary has equipped him with extraordinary skills in implants and other complexities of restoration. Added to his growing charisma is his affable and Robert-Redford looks that allow christening him as “the smile whisperer”.

This is proof positive of his belief that there is a beautiful smile in every individual. It is almost a crusade with him as he strives to bring the inner beauty of the patient through his skill. Several Joseph Goodman DDS reviews attest to his gentle and kind personality that brings a smile to the reader’s face. His approach to porcelain veneers in restorative dentistry has assured him a place in the Hall of Fame (if ever it comes to that) as he pioneered the use of it 20 years ago when others were I disdain of this “ new technology”. Other Joseph Goodman DDS review attests that porcelain veneers placed 20 years ago are still serving the patients well.

His client list is a secret but what is not a secret is that several celebrities have him on their speed dial. Los Angeles is the city where several people from all walks of life come to achieve fame and fortune. The journey begins with a smile and a visit to the Cosmetic Dentist of Beverly Hills is worth it. He brings passion to the restorative aspect of dentistry and it shows in the beautiful smiles he has helped discover.


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