Teeth straightening options

Understanding several dental options for teeth straightening.

Teeth straightening is important because

  • Straight teeth look good – the smile says it all
  • Looking good boosts self-confidence

There are two options available for teeth straightening

  • The first option is wire and braces model
  • The second option is transparent aligners made from BPA-free plastic (BPA is an organic synthetic compound called Bisphenol A)

Pros and cons of the two methods

  • Transparent aligners treat the wide variety of issues pertaining to straightening such as crowding, cross bite, under bite, spacing, and overbite.
  • Allows eating food with aligners in place
  • Brushing and flossing of teeth for improved periodontal health
  • The straightening mechanism is invisible to another person
  • Dental visits are limited to once every two weeks.

Metal braces also treat the wide variety of straightening issues, While it also straightens teeth, it limits the choices of foods that can be ingested. Sticky foods such as cheese are not a good option as it can be stuck between the wire and metallic braces. The metal may also cause irritation to cheeks and gums for some people. May require periodic visits to the dentist until a comfortable fit is achieved.

Are veneers also an option for teeth straightening?

The answer is No. Veneers are used to cover blemishes in the teeth structure. They can hide gaps, cover uneven teeth. Periodontal issues that exist will continue. In some cases, application of veneers requires the removal of some amount of surface enamel. Once the enamel is removed, this process cannot be reversed.

The last option is not to do anything

Certainly yes, this is an option. Not seeking treatment for teeth straightening is an invitation of other complications later in life. In all likelihood, the life of the teeth can be reduced due to the complications and serious orthodontic issues result.

Invisalign is a reputed plastic aligner, which requires the services of an experienced periodontist such as Dr. Joseph Goodman from Beverly Hills California. Dr. Joseph Goodman needs no introduction, as he is well-known in the world of periodontists as “the smiling doctor” for his pioneering work on porcelain veneers.

A quick perusal of Joseph Goodman DDS review will reveal the skill of Dr. Goodman who is acknowledged leader in Invisalign teeth straightening dentistry. His team achieves results that are predictable and once the treatment is completed, the effect is permanent. This is achieved via a 30-second simulated movie that depicts the movement of your teeth and how it will appear after the treatment. Several Joseph Goodman DDS reviews have stated their appreciation of information before and after the treatment.

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