Smile and the World Smiles with You

Leonardo da Vinci is the epitome of inventive mind and inventor extraordinaire. What few people are aware is this guiding principle of his love for people who always smiled when in trouble and gathered strength during distressful times. In most of his paintings and sculptures such as Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, St. John the Baptist, Lady with an Ermine, Leda and the Swan (just to quote a few) the most striking feature that grabs the attention of the viewer is the smile – be it enigmatic, beatific or simply joy. Leonardo experimented continuously and perhaps this is the main reason that many of his works have not survived but what has survived is the smile.

There is no greater joy than a smile, which rewards both the wearer of the smile and the recipient of the smile. There is so much joie-de-vivre that even reading it brings the mouth to curl.

Dr. Joseph Goodman is smile doctor keeping the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci alive. This is not a commercial claim nor is it promotional; countless Joseph Goodman DDS reviews express their warmest appreciation for restoring smiles back to their personality.

This is primarily due to the belief of Dr. Joseph Goodman that every individual has a beautiful smile and he (Dr. Goodman) is the instrument who can discover and bring it forth. It is in the true classical Michelangelo mold who believed that every block of marble has a statue hidden inside and it is the job of the sculptor to discover it.

The writers who post their appreciation in Joseph Goodman DDS reviews are indeed thankful for the spirit of Michelangelo and Leonardo to be alive in this gentle, caring humanist of a dentist from Beverly Hills in California. Dr. Goodman is the man who sculpts to set your smile free.

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