Probiotics are the good guys and defenders for enhanced oral hygiene

Probiotics are defined as bacteria or living microorganisms that are an ally of humans when taken in sufficient quantities either supplemented with other foods or single by itself. Probiotics have proved that they have several health benefits that go beyond the boundaries of basic nutrition.

Foods that aid the growth of good bacteria (as probiotics were termed before research) include plain unsalted yogurt and fermented dairy products. Yogurt is simple to make. Just add a teaspoon of plain yogurt in a small quantity of warm milk and keep the container with this mix in a warm place. Nature multiplies the bacteria overnight and the teeming colonies of good bacteria will be in the trillions by morning. The good bacteria have names and are known as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus or Propionibacterium. (Source: Dr. Grenier- Probiotics for Oral Health: Myth or reality in JCDA)

Lactobacillus work like DDOS attacks (denial of service in email malware) – their properties is their strength and the ability to out multiply the bad guys.

Recent research has established that probiotic use in the treatment of infectious diseases such as intense diarrhea and Crohn disease is very effective. Other studies have also suggested that there is potential for marked improvement for people suffering from urogenital and oropharyngeal infections.

Journal of Oral Microbiology has research documentation about the manner of probiotic’s approach in painting the bad bacteria (infecting causing microbes) as a target and annihilating these pathogens.

Dr. Joseph Goodman needs no introduction. He is wildly popular in the glamor capital of the world-Hollywood and he has the sobriquet of “the smile whisperer”. His skill in porcelain veneers is world-renowned for the imperfect balance he brings to restorative dentistry. He is an artist – the canvas is the mouth and his brush is his skill. Dr. Joseph Goodman strongly advocates the use of natural probiotics such as plain yogurt to prevent halitosis (another name for the dreaded bad breath). The lactobacillus (in yogurt) replaces the bad bacteria causing odorous breath neutralizing the odor. Dr. Goodman recommends using it every 24 hours. (Source:

Warm appreciation in Joseph Goodman DDS reviews for such pragmatic advice is a benchmark that other practitioners of oral hygiene also aspire to follow. Such solutions are cheap and practiced at home. Use of probiotics in dental hygiene is gaining traction as more research affirms the correlation between food ingested and prevention of disease. Eating probiotic foods is sure to extend the life of healthy teeth and gums.

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