How ozone is revolutionizing dental treatments

Ozone therapy in dental practice has several benefits. The major benefit is the treatment of the cause of the problem. To give a simple explanation ozone therapy is a proactive approach in treating periodontal issues of the mouth. Other dental procedures that benefit from ozone therapy are root canal treatment, dental implants, and cosmetic whitening.

Dr. James Goodman advocates the use of ozone therapy in his well-appointed Cosmetic Dental Center in Beverly Hills California. A single molecule of Ozone has the oxidizing power of more than 3000 molecules of chlorine with zero side effects. It improves immune system response by increasing oxygen delivery to tissues. Research has proved that the use of ozone makes it the best antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial oxidant. Parasites, fungi viruses, and bacteria thrive in ozone less environment. When ozone is introduced, it literally burns through the cell wall of these intruders and causes them so much damage that they cell membrane ruptures and they are annihilated. Healthy cells are immune to ozone as it is already present in the cells.

Dr. Joseph Goodman uses ozone therapy in periodontal treatment protocols by the simple act of drinking ozone-rich water; he also introduces additional prophylaxis to attack bacteria that are sure to be hiding in gum pockets. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews have a special section for the treatment of gum disease therapy in which patients have expressed their relief at non-invasive protocol in solving plaque problems leading to bleeding and inflammation. Several Joseph Goodman DDS reviews have heaped praise at the use of ozonated olive oil that prevents cavities and gum disease. Ozone-rich oil is poured custom trays that a patient uses to saturate all carious lesions, periodontal tissues, occlusal grooves and interproximal areas. During root canal procedures,ozonated water creates a sterile environment that helps in the treatment and improved result.

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